Our Company is physically operated and run from a small office in Holly, Michigan.  Located on the worldwide web at www.phoenixgems.com, we serve our customers using internet, phone and mail orders, so we can keep our overhead as low as possible.  We feature such items as Top Quality Gems and Fine Jewelry normally found only in the Best of the Best Jewelry Stores, Gem Shows, and/or Museums, and besides a Great Price you'll get Great Service too.   When we receive your request for a gem or jewelry item, we process the order and then have the item shipped from our Vault direct to you via insured delivery.

Our seasoned gem buyers travel directly to the source and sometimes the source brings gems directly to us. Many of these fine gemstones are still in the rough form when they reach our office and are cut by one of the finest cutters in the U.S.A.  You can be comforted in knowing that our gems are hand selected by someone with a tremendous history in the gem business as we only deal with persons having great knowledge and a reputation which is second to none.  Phoenix Gems stands behind every gemstone we offer, as the genuine natural gem, unless stated to be Lab-Created, which we describe in full detail. We sell wholesale to dealers and jewelers nationwide, as well as online with discounted prices to the public.
You can view our gemstone inventory on our www.phoenixgems.com website.

Here's what we offer:
1.  Top quality Diamonds of many sizes, and shapes;
2.  Top quality Rubies of many sizes, and shapes;
3.  Top quality Sapphires of many sizes and shapes;
4.  Top quality Colombian Emerald of many sizes and shapes;
5.  Top quality Semi-Precious stones like, Andalusite, Beryl, Garnet, Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline, Zircon... just to name a few, of all colors and shapes and sizes;
6.  We also offer lab-created stones, which have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as the natural gemstones;
7.  Almost all of the Gemstones featured by Phoenix Gems on this website are Natural and  "Untreated" Gemstones, but it must be assumed that some are treated to enhance and/or stabilize the color. We are happy to disclose to the purchaser. any gem enhancement process that may have been used on a particular gem in the form of an enhancement code and a link to the information regarding that process and the effect it may have on your buying decision.
8.  We do not sell gemstones without giving you a full description, almost every gemstone has slight imperfections so we classify and identify them for you as best as possible.
9.  Stones like Alexandrite and Cat's Eye are RDX Nuclear tested to insure -0- radiation.
10. All of our stones pass rigid testing standards before we accept them.

If you don't see what you're looking for, e-mail us to see if we have it... we can obtain almost any type of gemstone you may desire... if it's on the face of the earth, we can usually procure it for you.  I doubt you could buy the caliber and quality gemstones we feature at a better price anywhere, even if you were to travel to the Countries of origin.

Please do not confuse us with those TV shopping networks or discount houses, we sell only TOP QUALITY GEMSTONES at a fraction of their retail value.

Our many satisfied buyers can verify that we offer the best quality gemstones found.

When it comes to Appraisals I can't guarantee you'll get double or triple your money's worth an with an Independent Appraisal for the Insured Replacement Value since it really depends on the particular gem, how we were able to buy it, and how much we can offer it for. Please keep in mind, that the higher Appraisal is not necessarily better than one closer to the Actual Selling Price as premiums are based on the Appraised Value, so if that Insured Replacement Value is unrealistically high, you are really throwing money away to pay a high premium on what will only pay the Actual Replacement Cost, especially if you shop for a replacement through our office since our prices are so much lower than normal retail stores.

 We do offer Independent Gem Reports on most Diamonds, Alexandrite, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires as well as other Collector Gems in the high end category.  If an Accredited Gem Lab Report is available on a particular gem it will be listed with that gemstone, and it's cost is included in the price of the gem.  If you don't see a Gem Report listed, we will be happy to provide one for you at additional cost, we can send it to you with the gem for viewing (or we can obtain one for you after you view but before you conclude the purchase of the gem), this Gem Report is a non-refundable expense that starts at $75.00 and goes up, depending on the lab you request and the degree of the report desired.  When requested, we offer, at no cost to you, a "Retail Replacement Appraisal".  The information on this Report usually includes specific details on the Gem(s) and/or Jewelry Item(s) with the stated dollar amount.
Here are links to other Accredited Gem Labs and Appraisers:  | AGL | AGS | AGTA  | EGL | GIA | GRS | GUBELIN | IGI | SSEF

Please feel free to visit our site often to see our newest shipments.  If you don't find what you're looking for, just put your request in an e-mail  to us so we can track down that item for you at the BEST possible price.

Or... just keep checking back... we can't possibly display every gemstone we have in stock, so new ones are added on a regular weekly, sometimes daily basis, as time allows.

If you see what you like... and it is available, don't hesitate to call, we can Hold a gem for a 48 hour period while we make payment arrangements with you, thus giving you the guaranteed availability of that particular  gemstone.

Thank You Very Much for taking an interest in our website.

Brent & Siboney Smith